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Classical Guitarist
"She was always one of the best and the youngest at the same time: Laura Lootens"
- Seeseiten-
"With an outstanding technique and agogic she demonstrates the connection between musical tension and relaxation."  
- Marcus Vitolo -
"She emphasizes her extraordinery talent. Playing with such passion and power, which encourages the audience to "Bravo"- call outs and standing ovations."
- Volksstimme -
"... she played with all of her skills, not just tremendous finger technique from the beginning till the end of the strings, not only rapid arpeggios, but knocking, scratching and slapping with the flat hand emphasizes the wildness of her interpretation."
- Marcus Vitolo -
"The audience's astonishment about what can be dissuaded from such a classic instrument grew immeasurably."
- Tegernseer News -

"Fast scales, chords plucked and struck, tin-drum-like sounds from the lower strings, whole sequences of flageolet tones - everything flows effortlessly from the young musician's fingers."
- Allgäuer News -
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